Lucerne and Mr Booboo Face

“We did not move half way around the world for you to hang out on the #%! couch” I said in exasperation.

“But it’s nice here and the dogs need me” said the pre-teenager who had taken over my child’s body.

Charlie is on vacation for 2 weeks. If it was up to him, he would spend it on the couch with a blanket, his dogs, some books and video games being served yummy food by his faithful servant aka Mother. I,on the other hand, see the clock ticking and want to grab every opportunity to go see something. So, we compromise. He got to spend a few days home and I get a few days to drag him around. The second week of vacation will be spent in Holland visiting family and enjoying the Dutch life.

Yesterday we traveled to Lucerne and enjoyed a day immersed in Swiss transportation. In my mind, the Swiss are the champions of public transportation. The transportation is amazingly efficient, clean, pleasant and easy to use. It can also be really affordable which is saying something in Switzerland.

The Swiss Railway has an app that allows one to see all the timetables going everywhere in Switzerland, see how crowded individual trains are, and purchase tickets. The tickets are then stored on your phone – no need for a printed ticket. I have a Swiss Pass that entitles me to half fare on every ticket and Charlie has a kids ticket that allows him to travel free on every tram and train if he is with a parent. Our trip to Lucerne round trip, an hour trip, cost us a total of $30.

Wednesday morning, we woke up, got ready walked out the door and in two minutes we were on the tram. My tram pass was purchased and stored on my phone. We rode for 30 minutes in a clean tram, no trash, no graffiti to the Bahnhof(each tram is cleaned at the end of every ride by the conductor but as there is no eating or drinking allowed on the tram there is never any trash). At the Bahnhof we rode for one hour to Lucerne. I enjoyed the scenery while my child numbed his brain with some game until I made him stop with “look out the window, you are missing all the cows!”

Upon arrival, we stepped out the train station on onto a bus that drove us around the Lake for 15 minutes where we arrived at The Museum of Swiss Transportation! It’s an amazing museum dedicated to air, marine and land transportation. There are old trains and submarines and airplanes and IMAX movies and a great explanation on the creation of the tunnel through the Gottard pass – the longest tunnel in the world. And because we are in Switzerland, there is an attraction on the history of chocolate in Switzerland, the highlight being the Lindt chocolate balls that are spit out at the end.

Going home, we took the boat back across Lake Lucerne. As everything else, the boat was clean and on time. We enjoyed a beautiful view of the lake and the Alps that were trying to sneak through on this gray day.

By 5:30, we were home. Charlie told me he had a great day and I promptly thwacked him on his forehead. Alas, he is like me going to the gym. The pain is in the motivation but once I’m there, I’m glad to be there and I am always glad to have gone. I ask myself though for how many more years will I need to be the motivation for my home loving child?


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