What’s that smell?


Three days ago, we moved into our new home. It was a long day; the IKEA delivery men brought loads of furniture and we spent a good part of the day cursing and trying to triage which pieces we absolutely needed – the beds being the winners. About 6 pm, a smell begin to arise which was not us. I scratched my head and laughed, it smelt like cow which it was.

We live in a suburb of Basel which is surrounded by farms and forests though we are only 15 minutes by tram to the center of town. The above view is what we see when we walk out our door. Charlie passes the farm on his walk to school. The sign announces fresh eggs and milk.

The farm is open for anyone to visit. You can also walk in and get self serve fresh, unpasteurized milk and eggs. You just leave your money on the counter. Eggs are 4 francs for a dozen which is pretty much the least expensive item we have found in Switzerland. We will be eating lots of eggs.  There are also goats which are just for fun I think.


I would have never thought I would live in a place where I wake up and go to bed with the smell of cow…..


4 thoughts on “What’s that smell?”

    1. Thanks Barbara! Charlie is a trooper. He is going through so much and having to learn German and French from scratch. You have to be young, my head is about to explode trying to learn a little German. He is happy though. Miss you guys and the students. Hope all is well.


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