Dirty Laundry

See this pile of dirty laundry? See the schedule? The schedule tells me that this laundry can’t be touched until tomorrow at 8 am BUT must be finished by 3:00. It also tells me that I need to use the washer on the left.

When you live in an apartment in Switzerland, which we will for one more day, there are lots of rules. The first rule is about doing your laundry. Everyone has their days and their times and no one gets to do laundry on Sundays. It is the washer and dryer’s day off. We get Wednesday morning and Friday from 3-10pm. God forbid the dog throws up on something on Saturday morning because then we need to wait till the following Wednesday to clean it.

Other rules include:

  • No showers between 10pm and 6 am, also
  • No flushing the toilet after 10 pm
  • No slamming the car door after 10 pm
  • No mowing the lawn on Sunday
  • No leaving your shoes or anything else in front of your door
  • Of course, never any loud noises, especially on Sunday and between 1-2pm

The rules all have a reason and I guess it makes life more pleasant in a very small country where people live close to each other.

For me, with two yappy dogs and two very loud men it makes life a little stressful. I’m constantly waiting for someone to give us the evil eye. We are all working on being considerate though, even the dogs. It’s good for us.






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