Mein Hunde is nicht gudt


We have lived here before, about 15 years ago, before Charlie. At that time, we had two old dachshunds, Opal and Ruby. As we lived in an apartment, Opal and Ruby had to be taken out several times a day. Opal and Rudy were not Swiss dogs, which in essence means that they were not well behaved. Opal would refuse to walk 75% of the time and Ruby would bark hysterically every time she saw another dog. People would try to approach us with their well behaved dogs to be be friendly and I would have to scream “Meine hunde is nicht gudt” which means my dog is not good. Beware, my dog will eat yours even if you do own a very large St. Bernard.

15 years later, we have Opus and Rudy and Stanley. Unfortunately, I still need the same expression as these dogs aren’t any better. This time though, I will attempt to learn more than this expression and the other two that made up my entire vocabulary the last time I was here.


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