First blog post

So, we did it! In 5 weeks we managed to clear out our house, send a shipment to Basel, put stuff in storage, get the dogs paperwork in order, get Charlie accepted to the International School, find a place to live, rent out the house and get the three of us on a plane to Europe.

So why? Well for one, Joost was given the opportunity to work in Basel. He could have declined and we could have stayed home. We had a great life. Nice house near the beach, Charlie had a great school, we have amazing friends but Joost and I still have wanderlust and Charlie seems to have inherited it.

We hope the time that we will spend in Basel with be filled with travel, learning, eating amazing food and meeting new people. There will be much that we miss, and already do, one week into the adventure. We hope that we will be graced with many visits from good friends and family for man can not live on fondue alone,as nice as it is.


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